Creating an email to send to contacts to confirm their email & embed a link (double opt-in)

Instructions in Keap Help, “Custom confirmation (double-opt-in) link” confusing from step 8. If there are other instructions or process steps someone has created, happy to read. Thank you.

Hey David,

Unfortunately I don’t have any documentation on custom double-opt in links outside of the article you mentioned (also linked below). However, please don’t hesitate to ring our support. We are be able to quickly take you through configuring this. Our reps will often screen share for assistance in walk throughs.

Best Regards,

Justin Gourley

Thanks for responding Justin.

We managed to work through the instructions and even created an email via Marketing > Templates and inserted the code (click here link) and issued our invite email to a few hundred new clients in our database. 30% actually clicked the link to opt-in. It turned their email address from blue (non confirmed) to green (confirmed).

When we send out our newsletters, our database is a little more accurate.