Is there a separate link to have customers opts in email

I am curious if there is a way to have customers opt-in with a separate link to insert their email addresses instead of adding their contact information and then sending it. Can someone help me please.

HI Nancy,

Can you explain a little more about this? I’d love to help but I’m not entirely sure what you’re looking to do!

Are you referring to the double optin or confirmation link? The single optin happens already when someone submits a contact form or similar. The confirmation link is to get the verified consent to email them but is not necessary for them to be opted in and marketable. That link uses a temporary contact id so I think we’re trying to figure out specifically what we’re referring to?

My question was, Is there another way to have an icon box or a specific link in order for customers to click on in order to subscribe? From what I understand the opts link will be sent to them via email once I have their information and have sent the first campaign I was wondering if there is a different shortcut for me to have on a website than emailing them the link to them.

Hi Nancy,

So, it sounds like you are asking about a Web Form.

A Web Form is a opt-in box you can embed on your website so that prospects can enter their information and be automatically added to your database.

Here’s a brief tutorial on it:

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