What is the best way to add an opt in to an Internal Form

I just realized that with an internal form I can’t automatically add a customer to a campaign. What is the best way to do this on the form so that they can be added to a two email campaign - even with that first email being the optin email would they still get it from the internal form add?

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Hi @Crofton_Bike_Doctor, I think there’s a misunderstanding here. If you go into the Campaign Builder (in a campaign) and create an internal form, then connect that internal form to a sequence, then anyone who you put into that internal form will go into that campaign sequence. That sequence could be an email confirmation sequence or a normal sequence.

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Thank you for your answer! That is exactly what I have set up. It is just when you look at the Contact Record next to the email it says that they aren’t set up to receive emails. You can manually update it so I was worried they wouldn’t receive it.

If I have an opt in link/opt in email is there a specific link I need to use to have them marked as opted in? I am guessing there is, where would I find it? I’ve been digging around and can’t locate it.

Thank you again


What does it say for the email exactly. @Tyler_Garns is correct. What should happen after someone fills out that form is that the email address shows as unconfirmed, which is a marketable (single opt in) status.

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