Subscription Confirmation and FREE download wrong order

Hello, I’m a user with a new site and just launched. I’m reaching out to see if anyone has thoughts on how I can solve this issue.

I have a free download “workbook” on my site (squarespace) and when a lead adds email and clicks the button it triggers the “confirm subscription” email for them to opt in but at the same time my site takes them to a thank you / download page and they can download. Most all people are then never going to their email and opting in.

I would prefer that they opt in and then get the DOWNLOAD button option once they opt in.

Any ideas on how can I set this up?


In the webpage and landing page editors there is a “Thank You” page tab. It contains 2 thank you page options. If a web URL is selected your webmaster needs to remove the download link from that page on your website.

If that box is unchecked, you can use the thank you page editor to remove the link from the infusionsoft hosted page.

Thank you! A