Why my buttons are leading my people to infusion soft instead of the link and some are opening with no problem?

Why are my buttons on my email I sent out leading people to Infusion soft sign in instead of the link to a download. I tested with my gmail and it worked fine but my boss did it with her company email and it sent her to Infusion soft sign in. I have three different download buttons on the email???

You likely setup the file under the “My Files” tab instead of the company tab. my files would require your login, as a user, to get to. The company one allows for public access with the link.

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If you’re using wordpress, try to set the opt-in configs as it follows:

First field should be: First_Name, with field order being 1

Second field should be: Email, with field order being 2.


@Colene_Rogers has specified emails (not wordpress) and concern about download links for files. So I’m confused as to what a wordpress optin form would have to do with it? Did I miss something?

Thank you that resolved the problem.

When you import custom HTML from Infusionsoft into OptimizePress’ Opt-In forms and don’t do as I said, the form breaks and the user is redirected to the infusionsoft page for signing up.

That’s what I’m saying. Where was there talk about those specifics? He never gave details saying he’s using any of that and therefor those were assumptions and does not help answer the question but throws confusion into the ring.

As you can see, the issue was where the files were being uploaded into IS and has absolutely nothing to do with WP or optimize press.

That’s why I was “confused” lol

Oops. I guess I was just trying to help. You can close the thread.

All good :wink: Just explaining why I asked (I could have missed something). No need to close the thread as this will serve to answer other’s who have similar questions too.