Creating a landing page (or something similar) for purchasers or subscribers to download files from

Hi there

I’m totally confused but I’m sure there’s a really simple Infusionsoft solution. Here’s what I want to achieve:
Step 1. An email subscriber clicks on a link to purchase downloadable files. The file formats are video, png and pdf.
Step 2. The potential client is directed to a landing page where they enter the billing details.
Step 3. Having purchased the package successfully (payment has gone through) the customer receives an automated thank you email with a url to some kind of page/site that has log in details.
Step 4. The customer clicks on the url, is taken to a landing page
Step 5. The customer enters their username and password
Step 6. The customer has unlimited downloadable access to the content they have just purchased.

Is this something IS can do and what do I need to do? I have a domain but not an active site yet. The domain is

Many thanks, Emma


It sounds like a standard membership-type site. Infusion has a ‘digital downloads’ option, but it doesn’t provide the workflow you mentioned. It would just provide some links via email (and I’m not sure it’s been updated for some time now).

To get the workflow you are after, I think you’ll need Learndash or Memberium which are add-ons that connect Infusionsoft to Wordpress for the exact purposes you describe.

Memberium for IS/Learndash or Access Ally are both great options.