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Hi I am a new entrepreneur and I would like to sell something, I would like to sell my video lecture presentations, how I use your platform as a payment gateway?

Hi VIncent,

I’m not with InfusionSoft but am one of the clients. I am pretty sure this community is mostly for active users - I don’t think I’ve seen any official IS reps here. You may get a faster reply if you go to

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There are a number of IS ICP/ICC’s here that can help. We are ones ourselves. IS is not a payment gateway, it facilitates the use of a number of payment gateways. If you have something like video lectures then you’ll want to consider different options already available to work with IS such as Memberium and Learndash (they are just one example) but it can be done and very effective. You would start, of course, with an IS account and then build on top of that.

Hi Vincent,

Infusionsoft is a market and sales automation platform with fairly robust eCommerce capabilities (in fact, I was creating new products and order forms for the last hour).

Infusionsoft has its own payment gateway called Infusionsoft Payments. It is easy to sign up for if you are an Infusionsoft customer. Infusionsoft also interfaces with the major merchant gateway providers like PayPal PayFlow PRO and NMI to name 3.

I am an Infusionsoft Certified Partner and would be glad to discuss this with you further to see if Infusionsoft is the right fit for you. If we decide that it is, I can get your Infusionsoft app for you and assist in getting your well on your way to implementing your vision in Infusionsoft.

All the best,
Dom Cassone


Hi, Vincent,

There are a number of ways that you can sell video presentations using Infusionsoft. Infusionsoft will allow you to create products (such as a singular video presentation, a bundle, or a course), and sell them via order forms or a shopping cart on your website. Infusionsoft integrates with several payment processors that will allow for people to pay your business.

For delivering your video presentations to your customers, you can send the videos via an email autoresponder, or you can do something more formal such as a membership site that integrates with Infusionsoft (e.g. Memberium, AccessAlly).

Do you currently have a list or database of people who might be interested in your video lecture presentations?

I’d be happy to help you discover the right tools for you. I am an Infusionsoft Certified Partner, and I can help you get started selling your products online. I’m happy to answer additional questions, too.

With gratitude,

Melissa Moss


I like Melissa’s Membership Site idea. We believe that everyone can use a membership site.
I also want to mention that we developed a membership integration for Joomla web sites called JoomFuse, so if you decide that Melissa’s idea is a good one and want to use Joomla as your platform, we can help you with integrating that platform.


Oh, I would store my videos on a video hosting platform like Vimeo or Wistia. These platforms are specifically designed to store and play videos. You can use YouTube, but I like them more for public videos. Private ones are better handled on one of the above platforms.


We use Infusionsoft payments as well. Easy to use and good rates.

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Yes, Infusionsoft Payments is simple, fast, and works really well for me, too!