Online Course Hosting Platforms

For my fellow Infusionsoft digital educational content sellers, did you create your own product distribution platform/site, or are you using one of the newer platforms for hosting/selling such? And if the latter, what’s your preferred site?

I created my own site, and to great expense work to keep it current, but suspect that in the last 3 years, there are some turnkey platform options that would simplify my life, and reduce my cost, immensely!

Thanks for thoughts/recommendations! I presume I would continue to use Infusionsoft for campaigns, but interested to know too if any platforms include email marketing/campaigns in their features.

Hi Dodie, I JUST finished migrating my membership area to AccessAlly. If you’re on WordPress then this is a good option.

I offer a variety of digital courses and I love the built-in features that they’ve got. I spent an hour or two adding “notes” sections to my different course pages that allow users to jot things down while they watch.

It integrates nicely with Infusionsoft so I can still use my fulfillment campaigns, and then just link them to the right course (permissions are controlled by tags).

Let me know if you’d like to hear more, I’m creating a content piece about the process of building this site. :slight_smile:

Thanks Greg! I appreciate it, and indeed, I’d love to see your content piece on the topic. if emailing

Sounds good. I’ll send you the information in a moment.