Marketing with SEO

Hi there! I’m fairly new to Infusionsoft (about one year). I’m learning the system, reports, campaigns, etc. The problem I’m running into is that the people I do business with are NOT experienced in Infusionsoft. This makes it difficult for me to manage simple website changes with my WordPress Website Designer and SEO Manager.

I’m looking for a partner that could not only assist in campaign building, drive sales and build my customer base with marketing, but also manage website changes and SEO. Does anyone recommend a company that could do all of this? I really liked Box Out but that was out of my budget.

Thanks so much for your help!

HI @Wag_N_Tails,

I’d love to see how I could assist you in this. Depending on budget, if my firm can’t assist you, we can direct you to trusted partners. You can share your contact information via