Looking for Consultant

Hi there. We are trying to set-up a very in-depth pre-sale, and post-sale, nuturing campaign. We have been trying to build out this very complex campaign for almost 3 weeks now and continue to run into hiccups. I’m sure we haven’t configured something correctly, thus, we are looking for consulting. We have spoken to a company called Sixth Division, but their consulting fees are WAY over our budget. Does anyone know, does Infusionsoft offer consulting - or is there another firm that has reasonable rates and does a really good job?

Shane @Shane_Bierly. There are several Certified Partners you can find in the Infusionsoft Marketplace that may be a better fit for you and are forward thinking in helping you work through the issues you are facing in troubleshooting your campaign implementation. Simply search for “Consultant”. All vendors in the Marketplace are certified by Infusionsoft. This may take some time to find someone who is the right fit for your budget but worth the effort to tap into the marketplace. You are welcome to reach out to me personally to discuss your needs as well.

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