New contact to Google sheet worksheet based on form response


I trying to have an integration set up between keap and sheets. I will describe my system than the questions. Currently when we get a new client we use a web form from keap classic. We have 4 different locations that is a drop down in the form. I have two questions based on that.

  1. How do I trigger the entire form to be create a row in Google sheet.

  2. How do I use the location tag to trigger it to be created in different worksheets based on the location?

Any help would be great. I can clarify if need be.

Thank you

Hey Joe:

First, for the different worksheets, there are several ways you can do that, but the easiest (if you are fairly non-technical) would be to run a decision diamond after the form submission and based on the location that they choose, send the person into 1 of 4 sequences.*

In those sequences, you would need to then trigger a 3rd party application to add a row to Google. You could use Zapier, or Make. I’m a Certified Expert with both systems and I highly prefer Make due to it’s ease of use.

You would hit a webhook with the data, and then use the ‘add a row’ action to add a row to the Google sheet of your choice.

*the other way to do this would be to simply use one sequence in Keap and then inside Make use a script to determine the ‘location’ value and choose the applicable Google worksheet based on that data.


Hey Jeff,

I appreciate the feedback. I am going to attempt to troubleshoot and use Make (never heard of this one). If I am still coming up with issues I will circle back around.

Thank you

Hey Jeff,

So I am attempted to do this in Make- however when I go to to the condition to pull from that one office to bring it to a specfiic sheet I do not see the ‘Clinic Location’ button in the field. Do I have to add that somewhere else?

Is it just a radio button on the web form or is it a field in Keap? If just a radio button, not a field, then the easiest way would be to set up a decision Diamond in Keap and split based on the button chose. When you send to the webhook, put an option for ‘location’ and then when you set up the 4 https posts, change that value in each of the sequences for the applicable location. Then in Make, just use that to filter.

If it is a field in Keap, you can do the same thing but just feed the field value for ‘location’ or (more technical) just do one feed and then ‘get’ the custom field value and filter on that. To get the field value you would use this to get the value that you are mapping:”. Basically copy/paste this into the filter for “if THIS equals (your location value)”:

{{get(map(2.custom_fields; content; id; 237); 1)}}

237 = your custom field ID for your ‘location’ field
Then, replace 2.custom_field with the custom field value from your contact action step, and then replace the black content and id values blocks with just manually typed text of content and id.

If you aren’t really tech savvy, go the decision diamond route.

Tha ks Jeff,

Is there a way to get a consultation on this. Do you offer private training to do this for our company?


That’s exactly what we do. :slight_smile:
Please email me directly: