How do I add a Zapier Webhook URL to KEAP

I’ve been working with Zapier’s support team. They helped me create a new Zap to send an order to Shipstation from KEAP when a manual invoice is created in KEAP. It worked great for months. Then it stopped working. The Zapeir team said KEAP is not activating the Zap’s trigger anymore and suggested a workaround using a Zapier Webhook instead of the old Zap which used the KEAP app.

Zapier said I need to create the HookURL which I’ve done, and then add it to KEAP. This is where I’m having difficulty. Can someone show me how to do this, point me in the right direction, or send me some documentation?

Here is the relevant section of the Zapier team’s email.

In the meantime, you might consider exploring a workaround I thought of using Webhooks by Zapier and Catch hook as a trigger instead. When you get to the test step, it will give you a URL that needs to be added to the Zap as well.

You can read more about how to add the Zapier Webhook to Keep here:

We’ll provide the hookURL and if you can set this up in Keap’s end, this will essentially use a different trigger that should help resolve this issue.

I’m not too familiar with how the KEAP platform works, so for more support regarding this workaround, I’d suggest asking the KEAP team to see if they can help set it up from their end.

I know that was long, Thanks in advance for any help


You will trigger this webhook using an HTTP post action in your automation.

The webhook rigors at the top and then you feed whatever data you want using the ‘ordered pairs’ below. By default, the first ordered pair is the contactId and the variable field for the Id of the contact.

You can just stick with that and then do a ‘retrieve contact’ step to get the contact and then continue with your Zap, or feed all the data you want with the webhook directly with a bunch of ordered pairs.

Hopefully that helps (I’m on a plane using my phone, so can’t do as robust of a demo as I’d like).



Thanks, Jeff I’ll give it a try.


Are you telling me to do something different than the info in the link below that Zapier’s team sent me or in addition to it?

Thanks Again!

Jeff, I successfully got the webhook to work per your instructions. Thank you!

However, I’m not able to add the correct ordered pairs. The info I need to send is from a KEAP invoice our salespeople add manually. Specifically the Invoice Order Number. It does not show as an option when choosing the ordered pairs. Any idea how I might find this info to add as an ordered pair with writing an API?

Thanks again

Meant without writing an API…

You would have to make an APi call to Keap to grab the most recent order/invoice. That info is not available as a custom field that you can send.

The other non-API option would be to create a custom field and have your team enter the invoice number in that field when they create it. You could then include that in the ordered pair.


Thanks again. I’ll probably write the API.