Fill out Web Form Submitted via webhook

So I created webhook that fills out the “web form submitted” in Zapier using “POST in webhook in Zapier”. I got it work yesterday, properly and now it’s being blocked.

Reason for doing this: My reason for doing webhook instead of “Create/Update Contact” is that Keap is not updating the email status of customers. Meaning that if our old client who already opted out then they saw an ad to our event and decided to buy a ticket, they can but their email status is left in “opt-out” status and they won’t receive any emails from us not even a confirmation email after they buy something.

I’m using Clickfunnels as my landing page, order form page, and thank you page. It is connected to Keap via products but still, the email status won’t change.

I can’t integrate the Web Form submitted in my order form since according to Keap support, it’s not allowed. I have optin pages with the HTML Form embed through “Integration” in clickfunnels and those work fine. In order forms for some reason it’s not working.

My Zap Process is very simple,
Step 1: When there’s a new purchase in Clickfunnels,
Step 2: POST in Webhook.

The webhook setup is in screenshot:

Note: I got it work properly yesterday. I tried multiple times and it changes the email status which is great. But now, when I run it, it says:

Here’s the complete Details on that Log:

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Cloudflare Ray ID: 887f10cf0d26390b Your IP: <button type="button" id="cf-footer-ip <p>I tried doing this using POSTMAN and it works perfectly. Same values as in Zapier. It returns 200 OK, and I saw the contact in Keap, the email status is updated.</p> <p>I hope someone can help me make this work or enlighten me on why this is happening.</p> <p>Thank you in advance.</p>

It is my understanding that Keap blocked this functionality a while ago because people were abusing it to opt in people who previously opted out. So, the bad actors killed it for legit people.

The only way I know of to opt people back in is to have them complete a web form themselves (not via automations like this).


Thank you for your response. Sucks the way it is because buying a product should have atleast triggered that but it’s another step for the customers to do.

If the product purchase is made through an order form in Keap, that would opt them back in, but 3rd party stuff doesn’t change their opt-out status.



I see. Thank you for the suggestion. Will look into that option. Problem is it look hideous at the moment and might even more when it’s embedded but we’ll see what we can do with that.

Be sure to use an Order Form, not the Checkout/shopping cart form.
Shopping cart hasn’t been updated in over a decade.