Google AdWords Conversion Tracking

Hi Everyone,

I am having real trouble, i use public forms form Keap on my website and i am trying to track my Google ads.

I have been told public forms cant be tracked, so i was advised to use the landing pages then use Zapier,

So i have paid a developer to help me and they have told me i need to do the following:

I need you to place this code in this page following these instructions:
To use this script, simply add it to the HTML of your landing page, just before the closing tag. This will add a hidden input field to each form on the page with the name “gclid” and the value of the gclid parameter in the URL.

So i have added html code to the bottom of the landing page however zapier cant pick up the code and connect to it?

Please if any one can advise were I am going wrong it would be very much appreciated.


It’s going to be way easier to do that using this: