Where do I put Google Ads Conversion Tracking Pixel in Form Redirect?

We have implemented a form embed in this website (https://mysweatypalms.com/infusionsoft/) and we want to continue tracking conversion thru the google ads platform. Where can we install the conversion pixel in the Keap/Infusionsoft settings? We want it to fire for every successful form submission or place the code in the redirect form page here: https://ho901.infusionsoft.app/app/form/success/test/b16e3c6b8fd8b84b4ef329afb56561e5/86/f67f5c3e6f8535663763cb44eed06163?cookieUUID=4fd5cb93-d638-4c92-bbd1-3cb8d23d1b3c

Hi JJ,
we use a slightly different approach.
We assign conversion to “form submitted” in tag manager. That way if the customer goes back to the “thank you page” the conversion does not fire twice. We are using tag manager to fire the Facebook event pixel as well.

Hope this helps.

Thank you Zoran! Big help :slight_smile:

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This plugin on the Keap Marketplace will automatically feed all your sales data into Google Ads: