Google Ads Conversion Tracker

HI guys,

I really need help, I am trying my hardest to set up google conversion tracking code.

I have been told I need to do this was zapier, I have been give this from the a developer

I need you to place this code in this page following these instructions:
To use this script, simply add it to the HTML of your landing page, just before the closing tag. This will add a hidden input field to each form on the page with the name “gclid” and the value of the gclid parameter in the URL.

I have added the javascript by using HTML code on the landing page, however zapier us still not picking up the details.

Could any one help?

Building a solution yourself is a nightmare… just use this plugin on the Keap Marketplace:

Hi Calium,

I would disagree- it’s not a nightmare to track landing page clicks (and both on the open and those who completed the form on the “thank you” page)

See attached article

There’s a lot of FREE information and step by step guides so you don’t have to pay additional $$ per month.

Hope this helps

Aaron_David Your instructions fail to provide dynamic revenue per sale into Google Conversion Tracking. This is the most important part. Without properly tracking revenue per sale, you will attribute a $1 sale as being as valuable as a $500 sale, and this is obviously the wrong way to do things. Additionally, this data is required to take full advantage of Google Ads’ tROAS (Target Return on Ad Spend) bidding, which can be an extremely profitable advertising strategy… mostly because very few accounts have this setup. Here’s Google’s full documentation on all this: About Target ROAS bidding - Google Ads Help