Appointments and Conversion Tracking

Hey all,

I posted this in the Facebook group, but didn’t find any solutions.

Trying to figure out how to pass UTM parameters (especially the Google Click ID [GCLID]) to a contact created as part of an appointment.

Use case:

  1. Send Google Paid traffic to landing page where the CTA is to schedule an appointment.
  2. Capture the GCLID and apply it to the contact created as part of the appointment scheduling process.
  3. Report back to Google Ads the CGLID and the successful conversion as an offline conversion.

Anyone gone this far yet with appointments?

(I can pass all of this data with a Keap Webform, just not a contact created as part of an appointment set.)

I’m having the same issue. Trying to work out how I can track conversions using Google Ads conversion pixel… Can embed the pixel on a page and embed the appointment form, but no way to track a converted booking.
Any help is appreciated.