Google Calendar Appointment Sync

We are building a new site, and allowing clients to schedule appointments online. We will need the ability to sync our google calendar with our Keap Max Classic calendar. I believe a custom API will need to be created. Does anyone have any suggestions.

Hi, @Michael_Claude ,

So there are options in Max Classic that allow you to connect to both office and gmail accounts on each user but not for the contact itself.

I’m an api developer (keap certified) and we did do this with our office365 account. Anything that came into the inbox in o365 was checked for an existing contact in Keap and if it existed, the email content/details was added to the contact email stream in Keap. Google would naturally work the same. Question is, how ‘synced’ are you looking for. The more directions to control, the more it will take to do. So if you want emails that have been sent from Keap to register in the gmail account as well, that would be an example of an additional direction of syncing…although, technically, the word sync implies both ways, it’s often not inferred when people mention it so it’s best to ask :wink:

Hi John,
Thank you for your timely response. Right now I would be happy with one way communication at this point.

The layout you explained would be grand.

Hi, @Michael_Claude ,

Sorry for delay. My notifications seems to have been reset in some way.

So I assume the one way is gmail into keap then?

Hi John,

No worries. Yes one way would work great for us.

Hey, @Michael_Claude ,

I normally prefer a short call first because it can often reveal details that hadn’t been thought of in typing messages. Will you have time to talk tomorrow?

You are right. I’m free in the morning EST

Ok, I’m three hours behind you here in Az. 8am would be your 11am. Would you be able to do that time?

Yes sir

Great, here’s zoom detail :wink:

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Hey, Michael,

I have documentation to send but need some info (see your messages in here)


Hi John,

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Sorry for getting it mixed up… I did NOT get an email. What are you trying to send? I’ve got a couple of others going on the schedule so I don’t want to miss setting you up too :wink:

Hey Michael,

I need to start putting things on the schedule so I know where everyone fits etc. Use if need be but I can’t schedule without the pre-requisits :wink:


Hi John,

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Just replied. I appreciate you being careful!

As long as you used the link I provided you’ll be ok :wink:

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