Appointment/Calendar Intregration

Hello. We are looking to integrate Keap with Outlook and GotoMeeting. We also need to be able to share and view the team’s calendars.

What program/integrations should we use?

I see that Calendly integrates Outlook and Goto Meeting and the ability for others to self schedule via a link online. Does Calendly also integrate with KEAP to schedule and view calendars/appointments?

Calendly and AppointmentCore both work well for this.
We have used both for our company and they seem to work well. You may want to look at some of the advanced features, like team rotation, etc. before purchasing — if those are things you will want to do in the future.


Thank you for the response. The company had been using AppointmentCore prior to me joinng but found that over half the time the links did not work therefore rending the service useless.

When I look at Calendly it integrates with Keap via Zapier but looks like its only for contacts. Can it be used for the scheduling part of their service?

I use ScheduleOnce

Albeit - It’s the InfusionSoft of Appt Appts but once you get it down - It’s AWESOME!