Infusionsoft Appointments vs Calendly

I’d like know if IS Appointments can replace Calendly for scheduled appointments? Can I use Appointments instead of Calendly and what do I need? Can I add all my current infusionsoft users on appointments?

Hi, @Your_Support_Team. This FAQ should answer most of your questions. The big things to note:

  • You would be switching over to Keap, which is a “liter” version of Infusionsoft
  • The appointments feature only supports Google Calendar syncing at this time
  • There is no campaign automation tied to appointment times at this time

As far as how it stacks up to Calendly, I’ve never used Calendly, but Appointments is super easy to use.


i find it strange that I would need to “downgrade” to use this amazing feature. Can’t it be built into Infusionsoft itself as well?

It would make my life so much easier, so that I wouldn’t have to use zapier to use calendly’s feature that allows clients to book their own times.

There is no appointment feature per se, in ISBK. There are integrations from other scheduling systems like appointmentcore or scheduleonce and we have created an integration from Office365/Outlook online but nothing within the UI exists. The reason Keap has it is that it uses the Google api to create it which IS does not have or use because appointment information is stored in it’s own table in IS.