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Our business workflow currently uses Infusionsoft for customer records, Calendly to interface with customers, and Google Calendar to keep staff and customers on the same page. We need a scheduling/appointment setting function, but we don’t use the Infusionsoft Calendar right now. We’re considering Zapier to push info from Google Calendar to IS Calendar. We seem to have many choices. Gmail has a scheduling plugin. Calendly and IS both have scheduling functions, that we don’t currently use. But we love google calendars. We used ScheduleOnce in the past, but moved away from it. So I’ve been trying to learn about Appointment Core, Youcanbookme, timetrade. And I’ve been trying to see how effective Zapier was for others. In a perfect world, we would eliminate Google Calendar and Calendly and doing everything in IS.

In essence, we need to be able to send a customer a link to book an appointment. But we need the “appointment book” to pull information on availability etc, based on our google calendar scheduling. Does that make sense?

Any ideas, folks?
Thank you!
Justin B.


You do not want to use Infusionsoft calendar as your main calendar, as it does not ‘play well’ with others.

Google calendar is going to be your best bet, as it gives you the most flexibility with the various booking systems (Infusionsoft calendar doesn’t let you share booking links that references availability, etc.).

I personally use ApptCore for my ‘main’ booking calendar and Calendly is being used for appts that Infusionsoft books for me (we do work for their advanced tech support department). Both work very well with Google Cal and triggering follow up inside Infusionsoft. I think both are nice systems.

So … my recommendation — based on personal usage and working with 100s of other customers, would be:

  • Infusionsoft
  • ApptCore (or Calendly)
  • Google Calendar

Hope that helps.



Jeff - Thank you for your quick and informative reply. We will take some time to digest this information and return to this forum for more answers soon. Thank you again.

Justin B.