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I need to create a webform or internal form that can pull from a Google Sheet with the most current Names and addresses of a business. We need the ability to choose 5 locations from the webform/internal form. Then send an email to the locations they chose. Can this be done through Zapier or does it require an API? Currently, we have entered all of them but it is too cumbersome to scroll through and choose from 400.


Web forms and Internal Forms are not dynamic – meaning that the fields that are in those forms cannot be changed based on data feeding from somewhere else.

Zapier can grab data from a Google Sheet, but unfortunately it wouldn’t dynamically populate a web/internal form.

If you were doing API, you could have a web-based form created based on the API call to the Google Sheet and then drive automation from there.

Hope that helps.


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Webforms can use Javascript (JS) but then the JS would have to be able to “talk” to code on a server that made the request for information. Now you’d be getting into cross server issues that JS does not normally allow. So to do what you’ve described would likely be best accomplished on a self hosted webpage that makes these calls to code on the same server and connects with your Infusionsoft account.