Want form to populate company fields

I don’t see the company fields offered as an option when building a form within Infusionsoft or when building a form in a 3rd party form app. How can I make company available as fields in my form?

Web forms are contact-centric so unfortunately company fields aren’t going to be available, @Earl_Ricker.

Thank you Cheryl! Would I be help to set it up with Zapier?

Hi @Earl_Ricker,

Yes, zapier can do it:


Thanks John - If need be, are you available to hire for this?

@Earl_Ricker , do you mean you’d like to create a company record when the form is submitted like @John_Borelli is showing or do you want to include company fields in the form to fill out? They are two different things. I thought you meant the second…you wanted fields from a company record to be included in a web form to fill out.

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hmmmm, well yes we are available but looking at @Cheryl_Hunt’s question, I could see you meaning either possibility (or maybe even both?). Would you clarify so that we can be sure. Adding a company field to a form is staright forward. Creating a company record from that information is what would take zapier (or some other form of api work). We actually use the api approach ourselves as we had need for the same :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I want to create a new company record that populates the standard company fields in Infusionsoft based on what is entered into the form.

John - Belinda or me will contact you through your website.

John - Belinda or me will contact you through your website.

Got your appointment, @Earl_Ricker! Look forward to speaking with you. I’ll be at IS headquarters during that time but @Chad_DeLaura, who used to work for Infusionsoft can answer questions and I’ll let him know of the details we’ve discussed. Have ready a list of fields you would like to use as this will speed the process along.


If you would prefer to also talk to me directly then my schedule link is below:


I’ll be ready.

Hi, what app would I have to connect Infusionsoft with, on Zapier, to achieve this (make a form that gathers data to auto create a company)? I can see Lead Boxer is viable. However, I want to know if you have a better solution.


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Hey folks - how was this request ultimately resolved? Have a client asking. They built a beautiful and exhaustive set of custom fields in the company database and wants the client to be able to use a webform to load their own fields and ideally maintain the data.

Guys / gals see my previous post - how was this resolved please? @Cheryl_Hunt @Earl_Ricker

Natively, you cannot access Company fields (other than just the Company field) in a web form, @Giancarlo_Newsome. I’m not sure how @Earl_Ricker would have resolved this. The only way I know of would be through the API in a custom process as mentioned above.

Thank you @Cheryl_Hunt. It is definitely an API programming project. I did try to see if I could use a google form and then with Zapier push the data into Infusionsoft Company Record fields, but custom company fields do not show up in Zapier - only the native company fields. THANK YOU AGAIN. @John_Borelli did you resolve this for Earl?

Hi, @Giancarlo_Newsome,

We’ve solved for this for a number of clients since. Creating and applying a company record can be approached in a number of ways but we use it in our app to create the company record based on the information on the contact and the company name provided. So it’s the same idea when coming from a webform or internal form, that we can use to create and apply a company record with, using a call to a script that uses the api to make it happen.

Cool - send me your normal contact info to giancarlo@gforceacceleration.com
and I will introduce you