How can we automate moving data received via a web from into an opportunity note?

Our customers contact us many times each day via forms on our website.

Each web-form submission is created as an Opportunity in InfusionSoft;

Our staff review each Opportunity by copying the text submitted via the web-form and pasting it into the “Opportunity Notes” field in the InfusionSoft opportunity record;

Our staff then either initiate an automated response by moving the opportunity to a different Opportunity stage, or they respond personally via email.

How can we automate getting the text submitted via the web-form into the “Opportunity Notes” field in the InfusionSoft opportunity record? This will save us a HEAP of time.

Within the UI you can’t. We’ve had quite a number of clients that wanted opp notes populated based on what was submitted from a webform so we had to create a custom coded solution that did just that for them. Campaign builder doesn’t have ‘access’ to the opportunity related fields which is why it has to be done differently. There might be a chance that Zapier could accomplish that though if notes are the only thing you’re concerned with.

Thanks for taking the time to respond John, I appreciate it. I don’t understand why this ability isn’t built into the UI from the outset, it seems to be a pretty fundamental requirement given the way web-forms feed into opportunities.

All other relevant data points from those web-form submissions (name, email address, contact number, etc) transfer across to opportunities easily, it’s only the data entered that we need to enter manually. Do you know if Zapier is able to update an opportunity note, rather than a contact note?

Hi, @Andrew_Crellin,

To understand ‘why’ you have to step outside your particular use case and look at the fact that Infusionsoft had to account for the needs of all users. Meaning that there are many that have need for more than one active opportunity to be used per contact. So then the question is, how do you use merge codes and how do you identify in campaign builder, which opportunity record to use?

We’ve also solved for this for clients by providing ways to identify them using naming conventions that make them uniquely addressable but out of the box, there isn’t a way in campaign builder (which is contact-centric) to know which opp record to use.

While it looks like Zapier accesses opp records, it doesn’t look like they can grab results of webforms directly, and I don’t see a way to get the updated contacts custom fields to use either.

This explains why we’ve had so many ask us for a solution (unless I’m missing some aspect of Zapier but I looked and didn’t see anything that would be able to do it). They would need an ‘update’ trigger and it looks like they only offer triggers for newly created records.

Additionally, if your use case does actually involve multiple opp records an single contacts, then Zapier will have no way of knowing which opp record to work with either.