Automatically moving details from a Contact into an Opportunity?

Hello, our clients fill in a web form which automatically pulls their answers through to their Contact record in Infusionsoft. An Opportunity then gets created for that same contact, but the issue we have is that we then need to go into the Contact Record and manually copy the answers from their web form, and paste it into the Opportunity Record. Is there a way this can be done automatically, so that when a web form is filled in, the answers go into the Opportunity as well as the Contact?


HI Kelly,

I had the same challenge when a customer fills out the form to move the information to the opportunity.

Found Novak Solutions and they are AWESOME!!! (even have a free option as well).

Check them out at

We even have the updated information go back to the contact record from the opportunity upon a closed sale.

Hope this helps

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Thanks Aaron, that’s really helpful! I’ll get in touch with them :slight_smile: