Filling Opportunity fields from Contact record

Hi all,

I wanted to post the broad strokes of what I’m going to try to do to make sure it isn’t impossible and I find that out 2 weeks later. :slight_smile:

We run an online university and use Infusionsoft as the CRM for our Leads and Applicants. We have multiple different programs, though, and people can apply to more than one of them. Long ago we used to run Admissions out of Infusionsoft and just had contact fields for every field on the application. But then when the same contacts started applying for the second and third programs, it would just overwrite what was already there which we can’t have.

So now I’m trying to re-purpose Opportunities as Applications but there’s much less “out of the box” automation available with Opportunities so I’m having to supplement it with API behavior.

The contact record still has a set of application fields on it. When an application comes in (through Zapier from Squarespace), those contact fields are filled out, an associated opportunity record is created and a tag is set that indicates the opportunity needs data. A cron job will check for contact records with that tag every minute; for the contact records it finds, it will find the latest associated opportunity record and copy over the values in all the application fields and then remove the indicator tag.

Does that make sense? Does anyone with Opportunity API experience know of any obstacles that will make this difficult or impossible? Has anyone already done this and have some code they’d like to share (lol)?

BTW I’m planning on using the old xmlrpc version of the API unless someone has strong advice that the new version is better for this use case.

Thanks for any feedback!!!