Looping a sequence with the same tag

I’ve been an Infusionsoft user for many years, and I was always told that the same tag goal can be used on the left and right of a sequence to create a loop. For example, look at the “30 Days Extra time” sequence in this photo:

The same tag is used for the two goals with the arrows. I was told before that when this control tag is applied, it will first pull the user out of the “30 days extra time” sequence, then put them back in the beginning.

I have a case where the campaign history shows it didn’t work like this for a specific contact. I contacted support and they weren’t very helpful.

Am I doing this sequence looping wrong?

Thanks… Mike

I would recommend adding an additional sequence that the contact moves into that just removes and then reapplies the tag. In my years of support, this style of loop has been known to cause issues when actions run in the exact same sequence… if you can move the contact into a fresh sequence to remove and apply the loop tag, this should get around any wierd issues where actions run faster than the process of moving the actual contact in the loop.

Thanks for the reply, James.

Can I use the same tag for all items marked with an arrow? Here is the campaign excerpt showing the new Delay and reapply to force loop sequence. The same tag will start and stop the sequence:


Then, inside the sequence we wait 2 minutes, remove and re-apply the same tag:

I’m thinking that when the tag is applied, this could still have problems. If when the looping tag is applied the first time, the user does make it into 30 days extra time sequence, the delay and re-apply is going to pull them out again.

I’m thinking that I have to create a new tag to be used in the Delay and reapply to force loop sequence and a new Force Loop goal before the 30 days extra time sequence like this:


Do you concur this is the safest approach?


Yes, this looks real good. The issue I described last night, is a bit ironic, as it is usually caused by actions running too fast. faster than the system can handle its other processes of moving the contact out of the sequence, before putting them back in the beginning. The setup you show here looks great and I do agree that this would be your safe bet.