Lead Source does not capture leads most of the time - Field is empty quite a bit

When I get people to fill out a form on my website or come to my website after clicking on a link in my email or social media post - the “lead source” is 9 out of 10 times blank.

is there anything I am doing wrong or have I not setup my Infusionsoft system correctly? what gives?

Has anyone seen this issue and has anyone solved it?

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I’m sorry @John_Borelli, but I don’t think you’re understanding the problem.

And yes, @Akbar_Jaffer1, I am seeing this problem as well. Interestingly enough, I’m setting the lead source in a different way. I only recently came across the ways to set it as the web form is being submitted (ref Custom Lead Sources - #3 by Greg_Jenkins).

I have been setting the lead source field within a sequence. This requires me to have one lead source per campaign, but it does work… most of the time. However, as Akbar noted, sometimes the lead source field is blank. I’m not seeing this issue as often as Akbar (maybe 10 to 20% of the time), but it’s baffling.

I contacted Infusionsoft support to no avail. They couldn’t reproduce my (intermittent) problem, so they wouldn’t pursue it. But all you have to do is look at a report showing recent contacts and you’ll see most have lead sources, but some are blank.

This is super frustrating, since setting the lead source via campaign sequence has been working for me for a couple of years. And now it’s semi-broken. I have to manually inspect and tag contacts after running a report to identify who has an empty lead source field. Very time-consuming and aggravating!

I was hoping to eventually implement one of the “better” solutions of setting the leadsource (as in the referenced community post), but maybe they aren’t really any better at the moment.

Maybe if we get a few more complaints here, Infusionsoft will finally take it seriously.

Lead source as part of an email campaign is useless for me. By the time I am sending emails to my contacts they have already come into my system from somewhere.

What I am referring to is UTM code based lead source value. UTM value could be facebook-organic, facebook-paid, Linkedin-organic, Google Organic, Google Paid Search etc and so on.

You mentioned Campaigns. Can you track these lead sources via a campaign? am I missing something about Campaigns?


My method isn’t going to help with organic traffic. But for paid search, here’s what I do:

I’m using Clickfunnels for landing pages. The method my Infusionsoft mentor taught me was to create a unique landing page for each traffic source. Each unique landing page is integrated with a unique Infusionsoft web form (in a unique campaign). So the link doesn’t need a utm code for source. The web form is only processing one lead source.

A contact comes into one of these unique campaigns (via the web form). Subsequent sequences set three leadsource identifiers: a tag for that specific leadsource is applied, the built-in Leadsource field is set (without overwrite), and a custom field for Latest Leadsource is set (with overwrite).

This is considerably more work to set up than the utm code method, and is definitely not as elegant. However, it is much more robust. Because I now can look for contacts who have no leadsource (i.e., where Infusionsoft intermittently failed to set it) and, by looking either the leadsource tags I applied or the latest leadsource custom field, I can tell what their leadsource field SHOULD be. And then I can set the leadsource field manually (usually done in bulk).

Although setting the built-in Leadsource field fails intermittently, application of a tag has never failed. So while the intermittent failures are annoying and frustrating, at least I am able to recover.

As an aside, the other benefit of the method I’m using is that I can customize the landing page and TY page for each lead source if I want to. This is helpful for increasing relevancy on AdWords landing pages, for example. I don’t need to change the overall look of the landing page, but I can tweak the text to better match my keyword.

Hope this helps!