Solution for Easily Tracking Clicks from Infusionsoft Emails in Google Analytics?

I cannot believe Infusionsoft didn’t address this issue yet.
Such a basic feature for any emailing tool.

The lack of support for Google Analytics is ridiculous!

  1. There is nothing to decorate automatically links with the UTM parameters (this thread)

  2. There is no way to insert the GTM tag in the head of the webforms (unless making a hack with the code, which we did) (How can I put GTM code in the <head> of an order form?)

  3. The Leadsource is working one out of two times and they are not able to replicate the issue, while many others are experience it (including us).
    (Lead Source does not capture leads most of the time - Field is empty quite a bit)

  4. And there is no way to make the bridge between Infusionsoft orders and Google Analytics transactions, unless using a 3rd-party tool, such as AnalyticsConnect, which works pretty well by the way.

These issues have been out there for more than a year or two and this is basic stuff for anyone who wants to send email campaigns or use webforms for their e-transactions…

Infusionsoft, it would be really nice if you could prioritize this and give a proper follow up on all these GA tracking issues. Especially this one (adding UTM params) and the second one (adding GTM to webforms) which are the most trivial among the others.