Why do I have missing Lead Sources?

Hi, sometimes we have contacts that have missing lead sources. For the most part, they have a web profile and we can see the pages they visit but the lead source (how they got to their starting point) isn’t always tracked. Infusionsoft support has not been helpful and we have contacted them a couple of time about this issue.
Does anyone have any ideas as to why it could be missing?
Here are reasons I can identify:

  1. manually entered
  2. a list was imported

Thank you for any enlightenment,

One thing that I run into from time to time is people who have their cookies disabled. If this is the case, it leaves us in the dark when it comes to cookie tracking for leadsources.

Also, I know that there are sometimes issues with a disconnect in tracking if you utilize a 3rd party form. I am not sure if you even use a 3rd party form for any of your lead capture, but this is another scenario i’ve seen where leadsource data isn’t captured.

I am guessing that you have multiple sources that lead to the same place, and a campaign process to set a specific leadsource would not be any sort of solution?

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Thanks James.
I was also informed by a phone support rep that our forms need to be in Java. Java forms will track lead source and html forms won’t so we need to assess our forms and update those in HTML to Java.