Missing Lead source

We have a lot of sign ups from forms where Infusionsoft says No Leadsource - any ideas on how I can find out what they are? Thank you!

Hi Sarah, question, where are the signup forms accessed from by the contact.

Can you give a bit of background so we can understand better the situation?

For example, if they are signup forms on your website, on a page that anyone can get to, then its really hard to say what the leadsource is. If its on a page that is only attached to a facebook ad, then you can be specific.

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Hi Andy,

The sign up forms are on our website but some go to Lead Pages rather than an Infusionsoft lead capture form and others go to an Infusionsoft form - we wanted to do it in Infusionsoft but found the forms to be pretty bad.

I think it might be that we are using an outside supplier for the forms but I am not sure. Is there a way of resolving it without moving from Lead pages or is there a better way to do a lead capture form in Infusionsoft that we don’t know about?

Thanks Sarah

Sarah, I don’t know if this will solve your leadsource issue, but as far as web form styling, if you are using a WordPress site, the Infusionsoft WordPress plugin has some very nice, modern, templated web forms you can choose from. Here is an exit pop-up form I created in a few minutes…


Sorry it’s a drupal website :frowning:

Hi Sarah, so the issue is, how would we know how the person GOT to your
webpage? I’m not an expert on things like that (so someone might be able to
advise you on how to do this) but off the top of my head, if each landing
page is ‘open’ so that anyone who stumbles across is able to complete it, I
can’t think of a way of defining where that person came from.

I’ll be very interested if someone has a solution as well :slight_smile: