Leadsource is not being recorded when webforms are filled out

I have submitted a ticket on this (00733003) but have not received any feedback on what is really being done to resolve this issue.

I have a client that relies a good deal on leadsource tracking and it is not working. When a webform is submitted it is not recording the leadsource appropriately. I have tested in multiple apps all with the same result. Currently, the only thing that I have witnessed that seems to be recording leadsource is when an email link is clicked.

Is anyone else noticing the same issues? Is there anything we can do to get this resolved a little quicker or a workaround that can be used to get the leadsources to populate on the record correctly?


Thanks for the post. I’m going to check your ticket status and see if we have an answer for you on this. We will also watch to see if anyone else is having the same issue.

Thanks again for the post and asking for others if they have the same issue.

Hey Brandon,

I know you know what you’re doing but it hasn’t been mentioned or asked so for clarity sake, you are placing the leadsource tracking code in the sites you want tracked right?