Infusionsoft Affiliate ID Tracking Problem

I have only used Infusionsoft from the affiliate side.
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One of the vendors appears to be telling me that there is a problem with the Infusionsoft’s tracking and not all the commissions showing under my login are valid and may belong to someone else.

Best I can tell, it has something to do with whether or not I am the first affiliate to send the purchaser to their site. I also used some Magento Plugins and Magento 2 Plugins for my site. I thought infusionsoft handled all of that accurately before giving an affiliate credit for the sale.

Are there any vendors (product owners) here that use Infusionsoft to track affiliate sales,
who could comment on whether or not this is a legitimate issue with Infusionsoft?
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Thanks in advance, JEFF

Infusionsoft can do either first or most recent referrer and defaults to latest referring. If you check out this page “” you will see the setting as the first option under tracking. See Screenshot by Lightshot


Here is the help article describing how affiliates are tracked…the video explains it pretty well.

[Edit] I was wathcing that video and noticed something a bit strange… :laughing:

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