I want to search on a tag, then add a single city/state to the resulting contacts

Is it possible to search by a tag, then add a single city/state to the resulting contacts.
For example, all of the contacts in a search are from Minneapolis, MN. I want to add this to the City/State fields as one batch rather than typing it in repeatedly.

Hey Mark:

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Yes – do your search. Then, when you have your search list pulled up, there is a checkbox at the top where you can select all of the records.

Then, using the ‘actions’ dropdown, choose ‘bulk edit’.

From there, you will see all of the fields that you can edit. Simply choose the field you want to edit, enter the data you want, then click save at the bottom and it will update all records with the info you listed.

Hope that helps.


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Thanks! So easy.

Mark Green

Client Services Director, The Human Factor, Inc.