How to get over the copywriting hurdle

I think the one reason marketing automation doesn’t work as well for people as it could is because they just don’t have the time, skills, or confidence to write the emails they need. I’ve been working with new Infusionsoft customers, and by far, the biggest roadblock is getting those emails done. I’d like to start a discussion about the tips and tricks you’re using to get your emails written. I also want to share a blog post and see if the advice in that post helps anybody actually get emails created, or if the “hold up” is something else entirely.


The honest answer? Hire someone that specializes in it. I’m no content writer either. And I don’t have the time to do it even if I were good at it. Hiring someone that does it on a regular basis is well worth it.

@John_Borelli I think you’re right. Hiring a copywriter might be the best solution. But most of the users I work with don’t have the money, don’t know a copywriter (they are tough to find), and even if they were to hire a copywriter, they don’t know what to tell the copywriter to write. So what do I tell them?

Hiring a copywriter is a relationship. You have to know your company express what you do and are passionate about. Sometimes selling the story of your product/company. A copywriter then word smiths that into deliverable content the gets a reaction from the recipient. It would take cooperation with them. Very much like a developer (like myself). I can’t tell you what your goal is, I need you to do that. I can, however, write the code to make those things happen. Copywriters are no different in that sense.

@John_Borelli, I think you are a rare exception to understanding the copy need. What I really want to know, and what I hope a diverse group of users can tell me is:

  • Before getting Infusionsoft, did you realize how many emails you would need to write?
  • Did you know what copy is?
  • Do you write your own content?
  • Do you have campaigns in your app that are waiting to be punished because copy is holding you back?
  • Have you used the Infusionsoft templates?

Obviously content is an issue because almost all new customers are having a difficult time with it. I don’t think just hiring a copywriter is always the answer. In fact, I think it’s only the answer some of the time. Is this an education problem or a priority problem? I’d really like to know why it seems to be such a problem.