Marketing - Email campaigns

I need help in getting my em campaign off the ground…I’m looking for good examples of copy used in successful email campaigns. Does anyone know of any copy resources on this? Examples might be great calls to action, hooks, direct response copy, problem/pain examples, tag lines and sub headlines??? I’m looking for examples of creat campaigns using great copy. Thank you in advance for any input!!!

Hi Brad, this may sound obvious but the best examples are probably already in your inbox! What emails do you receive that you actually read? Or look forward to?

I’m kind of a marketing junkie so I sign up for a lot of lists and pay attention to folks who are doing it well; then I try and study WHY it works.

Beyond that you may also want to check out @mjfleming over at Ready to Go Copy

You’re also welcome to sign up for my stuff and see if anything I’v got gives you ideas!

Have a good one!