I need to get started anyone here understand how tocopy and paste

I love the concept of setting up systems but I dont quite understand how to start my system of copy and paste for my emails started .How do either upload my content or copy and paste my content ?

You will need the file for import to be a csv file. Then under admin imports you can import your contact list with emails. You will have the options to map what columns from the csv file to the correct fields during the process.

I think @Portia_Franklin is referring to her email copy for email templates :slight_smile: Can you clarify, Portia so we know a few more details?

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Thank you for asking me to clarify.I need help understanding how to copy and paste an email template to infusionsoft.

Thank you for trying to answer my question.I needed to understand how to take pre set email templates and put them on an infusionsoft email template .


Gotcha! So, importing through the UI will not allow you to import emails or email templates. I’ve written integrations that do this using the api, so that would be the only way I know of to accomplish that.