This cannot be right...Can it?

Statistically for the last 7 days where we mostly use Campaign Builder to send our emails (we’re not yet sending emails from within InfusionSoft (at least not on a consistent basis) - But this amount of bounced emails just cannot be? :cry:


While it’s “possible” because Google was declining (aka bouncing) a lot of emails because their servers couldn’t keep up with all the marketing emails they were handling. So maybe if that was the case, it would explain it and those “bounces” actually are not bounces. So I’d get in touch with support and ask them to verify the type and validity of the bounces. It would help if you also got into your email status report and had that ready when you speak with them.

As always - Thanks John.

I spoke (chatted) with IS and they claim it’s Error Code 552 which is an “attachment” error yet there were no attachments in the email.

Here is the link -

He suggested I call the Clients and ask them to reach out to Cox - Ummm…I can’t do that (I will say, he was a good representative, better than most I’ve had in the past) - I understand why he would recommend that just as much as we understand how that’s

He did create a case and promised to get it to the “Higher” development team? Whatever that means.

It just needs to be fixed but again, I was happy with the service I received today so THAT’S a good thing. (Aside from potential resolution).

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You probably already know by now, but just in case, that has been created as a ‘known issue’ so hopefully they have it fixed soon :wink:

It’s still an issue yet I cannot find it on the “Known Issues” Page?

Am I looking in the wrong spot?

Hi, @Cindy_Glover,

I’m not seeing it specifically now and I’m not seeing it on the “fixed” tab either but this one is at least closely related so I’m not sure if two issues were merged into one and just not completely described properly because I know it was there a bit ago.