Viewing Bounces in Campaign Email

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I’ve been trying to figure this out for hours with no avail. Hopefully this is something I just overlooked.

I currently have a campaign that is running where when someone purchases an event registration via our CRM (NetForum), they are tagged for that event in InfusionSoft automatically. This campaign then sends them a welcome email. I noticed that I had a few emails bounce. Since this is an online event and most of it is done through email to get them to where they need to go, I’d love to know who these bounces are so we can make sure they still receive their content. I couldn’t find a way to do this through the Reporting feature or through Marketing->Reports.

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You were almost there, @Kayla_Pickrell :slight_smile: In Marketing > Reports, go to the Email Status Search report and from there you can select Soft Bounce and/or Hard Bounce in the status selection box. That will give you the contacts whose emails have bounced. Hope that helps.

Hi @Cheryl_Hunt, thank you so much! I went in and selected both bounce types and selected their specific tags to narrow down the search, but it still shows 0 bounces, even though reporting within the campaign states 2.

@Kayla_Pickrell by chance does the reporting from your campaign also display in the dashboard widget under “All Email Stats”? Here will display all emails that have bounced up to the past 30 days out of the system.

@SaraKhoudary, Unfortunately it does not. The first wave of emails went out on January 2 and there are no bounces in that section that show for the second. Is it possible the reporting within the campaign builder could be wrong?

@Kayla_Pickrell. It’s possible that the reporting in the campaign is reflecting a temporary soft bounce. Meaning that at first, the email reached the receiving email server but at first attempt(s) was temporarily undeliverable at that time for any number of reasons, such as the recipient’s email is full. I’m not sure if this is causing the reporting, but you can read more here.Max Classic: Email Bounces Explained

The other option is to call the help desk. They can take a deeper look into activity on your app and give you a more definitive answer. Would love to hear the result.

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