Where can I find (in one view) for what reasons mail bounced

the bounce report doesnot seem to give information why a mail to a particular contact bounced. soft, hard bounce, mailbox full, time out etc. Or am I overlooking something?

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There isn’t a report that shows you what email triggered the status (or why). The email status report shows where the email address is at with status but not on the individual email basis. What we do is raise tags fpr certain status’ when a contacts email’s status changes, and notifies us when it happens. Then we know by the email recently sent out which/when it happened. But that’s the closest metric we’ve been able to find out of the box:


@Michiel_van_de_Water, if it’s a specific contact you want information for, you can go to the contact record, click on the “Manage Email Status” link under their email field on the General tab (right under the Phone section)…then click on the “Status History” tab on the pop-up and you can see the specific type of bounce, etc.


Right, @Cheryl_Hunt, but I think specifically he’s looking for the details specific to the actual email sent. It’s curious though. We’ve had three questions today about specifically the email (rather than the contact or email address) and don’t usually get asked that so I’m wondering what’s generating the sudden interest in the specific email instead of the email address now?

@Michiel_van_de_Water, are you able to clarify for us a little more about your scenario? Are you just interested in how to see why the email status is a Hard Bounce or are you trying to tie it in to a specific email or broadcast sent out like @John_Borelli mentioned?


Hi John, my question is about the e-mailaddress as I am used in other providers who show several bounce reasons.
thanks, Michiel

Hi Cheryl,
Yes it is about a certain broadcast, however I think it will apply to all mail sent. You certainly need to know what caused the bounce.
Thanks, Michiel


I would say that you can use the email status automation to notify you of this and reliably count on the last email sent to be the specific one to cause it. If we’re talking about a hard bounce then no further emails can be sent at that point.

One question I asked IS support but I’m not yet convinced they gave me the right answer: on the status automation triggers, is the counter (e.g. …more than x times…) respective to the contact over time and several sends, OR is it linked to one specific email that is re-attempting a send?

What I am trying to build is a counter for certain soft bounces and then action on those contacts that keep soft-bouncing through several broadcasts…

So I “think” that the bounce counts are per email (it’s been a year since I’ve tested that so I’m going from memory at the moment). You could use plusthis to increment a custom field counter to track over all though.

ah yes that’s actually a good idea, thank you

Hello. Is there a report where we can view the “Status History” (specific reason for the hard bounce) of all the contacts that have hard bounced instead of viewing each individual one?

This is absolutely fabulous!

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Thanks but unfortunately, since this posting, IBK has removed all the email status’ from email status automations. All those status’ I had setup were all made invalid.