Email Bounces - Dealing with Mail Blocks

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We send out monthly broadcasts from Infusionsoft and some of our customers report that they are not receiving our emails. When we investigate, it looks like their email servers are bouncing our emails.

The reasons are either “Mail block - General” or “Mail block - known spammer”.

Is there anyway around this? If we email them directly from our outlook for example, it goes through. But infusionsoft emails get bounced.

Any advice?


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Try to double/confirm optin them. That will change the IP range being used for emails.

If that does not resolve the issue, there are other ways to overcome this but that would be paid solution.

Were those bounces listed in an IS report, or did you have to check your own server logs or something?

@mihir What are those paid solutions and how do they work?

Not listed in IS reports, I know how Infusionsoft’s email distribution system works. I had a detailed conversation with their technical lead about this.

Paid solution - we have our own solution for that. It marks unengaged contacts and reroutes their email through some other provider like sendgrid, amazon ses, etc. When you send an email (campaign or broadcast, not much difference in the process of sending email), engaged contacts will receive that email from infusionsoft and unengaged ones will receive the email through third party SMTP.

After a few attempts (let’s say 10), unengaged contacts who remain unengaged, will be tagged. They are safe to be considered as “truly inactive”, and safe to be excluded from future broadcasts (or you may continue emailing them as well).

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And the benefit of having unengaged contacts go though third party is simply to utilize a higher caliber of IP address? Are there other benefits? Have you collected any data regarding differences in re-engaging contacts via IS vs third party, showing a meaningful difference (at least for your contacts)? Thannks,

Some small/enterprise firewalls have a block on particular senders (i.e. aweber, mailchimp, infusionsoft). So when you route through other ISP, you could reach some customers who are not receiving your emails from infusionsoft (even if sent from the best reputation IPs).

Improvement varies with each list, we have observed improvements in open rates ranging from 10-30%.

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they were listed in infusionsoft’s bounce report