Email Delivery Reporting - STILL having problems!

I had reported (well, behind another user) that our Emails Sent/Bounced/Opt-Outs have been completely whacked for what seems to be a couple of months now? One week, it looks “kind of” close, then the next it all doubles - Throw in a few major IP Providers (Cox/Yahoo) bouncing and then I have NO IDEA what we’re looking at…

What does it take to push an issue up the list?

I realize this does not come before any accessibility/system down issues but our reporting is substantially important as well!

I apologize if I’m coming off a bit hasty but it rolls downhill if you know what I mean! :wink:

Thanks, everyone!


I send out a weekly newsletter and this has been happening to me since Mid-October. Some weeks the report shows a number that is about double the actual number of emails sent and some weeks it does look kind of close. I’ve only had one week during this entire time showing any opt-outs, which I’m sure is wrong. This issue was discussed on the Facebook group some time ago, but there haven’t been any updates. The known issue page shows this has been a problem since June of last year.

Which is why it’s SO very frustrating!!

As you mentioned - Last week (Sunday morning) - The #'s “kind of” looked good…

I have to make suggestions based on these numbers which ultimately cost money. How can I recommend anything to the President of the company based on what “I think it’ll reach Kind of” amount of Clients …SMH

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