How to build beautiful responsive emails

I appreciate that Infusionsoft’s email builder is much better than it used to be, but it’s still extremely rudimentary compared to other services, such as Mailchimp. Our audience consists of designers, so it’s important that our emails look awesome.

Currently, we’re designing mail in Mailchimp, exporting the HTML, running the HTML through xhtml converters, dropping it into an HTML block in Infusionsoft, previewing, fixing the HTML manually until it works… it’s extremely tedious.

Is there any chance we’re going to see a quantum leap in email design in Infusionsoft soon?

Or, are there any services that export HTML clean enough so that we can just drop it into an HTML block and it just works?


Seconding this. Also wanting a resource of some kind that lists all possible character conflicts that would break the html as it shows up in the inbox.

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