Can someone look at our html code - not working in new email builder!


We are having a really hard time using the html block in the new builder. Our code displays great in the builder but disappears in preview and of course in the sent email. Our programmer has been through it to make sure it contains none of the code that the builder says will be stripped. AND it works fine when we choose the option to build an html email. AND This code works with no problem in all the other email services such as mailchimp and constant contact.

BUT our customers who use infusionsoft need to be able to insert their own image and this would be done best by using an image block - so that precludes using the html email builder option. We really need the code block to work in the drag and drop builder. I have read about this issue here in the community forum. Could someone look at our code and see if you can spot what the builder is having issues with?

Here is a link to the code.

Thanks in advance.

You might need to include a snapshot of it not working and describe what’s supposed to be displaying. There’s no real way to isolate some part of the code when it isn’t clear what is or isn’t happening specifically :wink:

I cannot post the code here nor can I attach a document. The link above goes straight to the code.

In the new builder when using the code block - it appears in the builder but does not appear in preview or in sent message. It does work if using the build an html email - but using the build an html email does not accommodate the folks who need to add a custom image as header. They need the new builder. I spoke with support and they said the code block is picky and will strip out the code if not exact. They suggested I come here and have someone with experience in this issue evaluate the code itself.


But “what” appears in the builder and not the email. We don’t know what it is that isn’t showing up just by looking at the code. In other words, code can exist and not show but how do we know what that is? I’ve been able to help people before with the picky code block issues but I don’t know specifically what isn’t showing…that’s what I mean is we can’t tell what you’re referring to by just looking at the code because it doensn’t tell us what isn’t showing up, it only tells us what code is getting generated.

Sorry - misunderstood. This is the html

What does not show up is any of it.

In the new builder we drop in an image block â–ş that shows up in preview and test email.
We drop in code block and paste in the code from the first link â–ş it does not show up in preview or test email
Unsubscribe section â–ş shows up in preview and test email

That’s some email! lol

So if I understand correctly, what the link points to is how it should show but in emails when it’s sent, it doesn’t show the images? Do I have that right?

Good day!

I have asked around a bit and the element does not work inside the HTML Code Block snippet the same as videos and buttons. I can understand this is frustrating as it is not included on the “Exclusions” list! Unfortunately the drag and drop functionality cannot work inside the Block either as it exists as its own real estate.

Apologies for being unable to offer a more useful response.


Hi John_Borelli - and anyone else looking at this. I am afraid I have confused everyone. So here is a video showing you what is not working for us…And just to have all links in one place, I am reposting them here. Thanks - Eli

Video of issue (3 min):

Code we are using

Code as html page so you can see what it looks like

Did you ever get help for this? We are running into a similar issue with our drip campaign.

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Nope. We left IS though so have not pursued it.

We have been able to accomplish what we needed using WordPress, WP Courseware and Follow-up Emails.


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Hi EXELA_Support,
My team is facing the same issue described on this thread. Your reply says “I have asked around a bit and the element does not work inside the HTML Code Block snippet”. Is there supposed to be an html tag explicitly mentioned in that statement, because there is none that I can see.
My team is not using any html tags that are on the “Exclusions” list either, so we’re very confused.

Happy to report that I found that the carriage return
tag was causing the issue. The self-closing carriage return
works fine. This was not mentioned on the exclusions list. It would be nice if it were.

Also, in the process of posting this message, I observe why EXCEL_Support’s message appeared to have omitted the html element it referred to. This platform doesn’t render html tags in my post as text. I wrote the br tags in the paragraph above and they are apparently being parsed as code instead of text. Likely the developers have their reasons for doing it that way, but perhaps they’re unaware of this unintended consequence. It’s hard to communicate about HTML tags on a community forum when you can’t mention them in your post.