HTML Code Box error

I am using the drag/drop email builder in Infusionsoft and I need to add custom code using their HTML Code Block however I keep getting an error in Infusionsoft and the block won’t show up via email test.

I first tried with Tables (got an error), then tried with Divs instead (still got an error).

Error: Your HTML code may be invalid. Review your code for any mismatched tags or special characters.

I have no idea what Infusionsoft isn’t liking about my code. Any ideas?

UPDATE: I messed around with the code and Infusionsoft is picky about closing tags so all Images and breaks need to be closed.

ie. <img src="image" /> <br/> etc.

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I am having a similar issue… Here is my code… how do I fix it?

Checkins for Charity - LIVE tracker by paige_madeira
indent preformatted text by 4 spaces
Checkins for Charity - LIVE tracker by paige_madeira