Error when embedding Typeform HTML into email template please help!

Hey everyone!

I’m trying to embed a Typeform survey into an Infusionsoft email.

Typeform has told me that loads of their customers use Infusionsoft, so there shouldn’t be an issue.

When I copy and paste the provided HTML code into the infusionsoft email template, I get an error saying “Invalid HTML will be removed before sending.”. If I send a test, the Typeform section doesn’t appear. It seems like it won’t render properly (screenshot attached).

Typeform said they need Infusionsoft to tell me where the errors lies in the HTML code, but Infusionsoft said they don’t do that.

Is anyone able to help?! I have limited HTML knowledge!!

Thank you!

You can link to a form, but putting live HTML into an email is never going to go out as all virus checkers would freak out and bin it (thats how it was described to me)

So in the email, put a link to the online form.

Hope that helps


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