HTML signature don't display

Hi everyone,

I am facing an issue with HTML snippet with email signature inside Keap email template.
The signature is not showing up on any any email client’s, when testing.

Any errors inside Keap HTML code editor has been fixed.
This is the original code for signature:
and the optimised version as Keap was retuning some errors with, tags and "Unexpected characters’ :

In both cases code works perfectly fine as default signature on email clients and as a preview in a browser, code has been checked and does not contain any complicated stuff is just styled HTML pretty much. I also tested with other random HTML signature: and is not showing up.

I know there was a similar topic in past, however, they didn’t find any solution and just moved to another platform. Can someone look at our html code - not working in new email builder!

Does anyone have any idea how to fix it?
Dear Keap can I please have some support on that or some official statement about those HTML signatures and functionality inside Keap.

Many thanks,