New Email Builder Limitations

I would like to finally migrate to responsive emails, but the limitations of the new builder may make this impossible.

I don’t understand why we don’t have the ability to do simple things such as:

  • Change font sizes of texts or create our own custom styles
  • Why images shrink on mobile even if there is plenty of space to display it in full

I have a very simple email design that I want to migrate from the classic builder to the new one:

  • A hidden pre-header at the top (By setting the color to white)
  • A small text above the logo
  • The logo
  • The email text

But if I replicate the same template in the new builder it looks like complete crap both on the desktop and mobile

The font at the top is way too big and the image is sized way too small on mobile. And there is no option to adjust anything.

That’s not how any responsive website or responsive email builder I’ve ever used works. The choices that were made are mind boggling to me.

I was able to create a perfect responsive template in mailchimp within 10 minutes:

I really hope I am missing something and someone can point into the right direction of how I can solve this. I am even open to any kind of hacks you can think of…

But overall I really don’t understand how it could be that IS released responsive emails 2-4 years after most other email providers and STILL managed to deliver the most inflexible and inferior solution…


Kim, thanks so much for your feedback here, I just wanted you to know we have shared it with our Product team. Thanks again, we appreciate the feedback. In the future please feel free to email We get those to Support as well as our Product team for capturing sentiment, requests and idea.

Again, thanks so much for the feedback

ACTUALLY, I was just told that the email is being phased out and we are introducing a web form instead. Sorry about that, the webform is

Please feel free to share feedback at this web page, thanks so much, and sorry for the mis-info on that.

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Hi Kim,
I have exactly the same problem. I just want to create a template in the new builder that has two columns of different sizes. And, it would be so much better to be able change font size, etc. Also, being able to insert special characters would be nice.

It doesn’t appear that you actually received an answer or solution. Have you come up with anything new? Would love to hear about it.

Hi Lynda,

Actually I have come up with a solution. Infusionsoft recently introduced a HTML field and I’ve been adding custom HTML to change fonts and add images that don’t shrink.

It is A LOT of fiddling to get it right, especially since the HTML the element accepts isn’t always proper, but I was able to recreate our template now.


Hmmm, Wonder if I could copy HTML from my WordPress site? I have options for different columns there. Maybe I’ll give it a try.

I do wish Infusionsoft would acknowledge this issue and come up with a solution. If it works in the legacy builder, it shouldn’t be that difficult to give us those features in the new builder.

Thanks for you answer.

I would not suggest doing this. HTML for Email is much different than HTML for the web and it is most likely going to have issues. It would be more efficient to read / watch a tutorial on HTML emails.

hope it helps!

Okay, thanks, Mark. I haven’t had a chance to try it anyway and this will save me some grief I suspect. I know just enough about HTML to be dangerous!

Has there been any update from IS (or Keap) on changing fonts and font sizes with emails?

Any update from IS (or Keap) on changing the fonts and font sizes with these emails?

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