Full width email header background color

I’m trying to create a new email template from a design that has a large, full width (full-screen) header where the background color is different than the rest of the email. I’ve received emails from other companies like this and it looks really nice.

But I can’t seem to recreate this in IS since all blocks in the email builder force a static width. I’ve tried using the custom HTML block with nested divs to get the desired affect and I can get it to work in the builder interface, but preview and test emails aren’t displaying the custom HTML block at all. Looks like it’s getting stripped.

All I can fathom is that my header div is too big (set to 1600px width) and IS is stripping it, although this isn’t on the exclusions list.

Any insight/ideas?


The base email builder (drag and drop) is fairly locked down as far as those types of elements.

If you want to really customize an email like that, you’d need to use the Email (legacy) feature, if you have it — or the ‘templates’ section from the marketing section in order to use full HTML functionality.

Depending on when you signed up for the software, this feature may or may not be available in your system. It’s an older email config platform that they are phasing out.


Thanks for the quick reply, Jeff. Yes, I do have access to the old builder and I am considering that as we have other email initiatives (RSS to Email being one) that utilize it. I was just hoping that someone had either figured out a hack or Keap/IS would chime in and say something like “that new feature is being released tomorrow”…:wink:

I won’t hold my breathe. Thx again, Jeff.