Can you customize the padding around elements in the new version?

We’re using the classic version of the email builder and it seems to be getting more and more glitchy (this week it’s that the copy seems to think the box is larger than it actually is and extends further than our graphics). We want to convert to the new email builder, but find it incredibly restrictive design-wise and ultimately we haven’t switched over because of the huge amount of padding around each element that can’t be customized.

For those who have converted to the new email builder, how have you dealt with the loss of flexibility in the function and design?

We appreciate any guidance you can lend!

Hi @Jamie_ibk I understand your concern. I had a couple of clients not switch over for a while for the same reason.
So the way we’ve dealt with it is to compromise, and make the best of it. We’ve made some styling adjustments and ended up making the email looking very sharp.
Whilst there is some loss of flexibility, it’s certainly smoother and easier to work with than the classic builder. I know more updates will be coming to the email builder, and at that point you may find it flexible enough for you. Good luck!

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